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Revenue sharing

  1. In-app Sales
  2. For each tour sold in-app, Apple or Google pays us the sales price, minus the app store commission (30%). The remaining revenue is shared between GuidiGO (30%) and the author of the tour (40%).

    Therefore, when your tour is bought at $3.50 in-app, you earn $1.40. 

  3. Sales via GuidiGO Pass

Our on-Site Pass ® is available with the Pro and Premium plans. The pass allows you to sell your tours outside the application using your usual ticketing system. In this case, the revenue of your tour is shared between GuidiGO (30%) and the author of the tour (70%). 

When your tour is bought at $3.50 with a GuidiGO Pass, you earn $2.45.

To learn more about On-Site Pass, read this article (soon available in English).

Payment date

Revenue from in-app sales each month is paid on the 15th of the following month, as long as it meets the minimum requirement of $100. If revenue is below this amount, your payment will be deferred to the next period.

To accumulate a $100 revenue in the application, you must make at least $250 in sales.

Payment mode

We will pay you via PayPal. 

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