Benefiting from the Education plan

Updated by Antoine Gouritin

The Education plan is meant for teachers who create tours with their students as a part of a pedagogical project. It doesn’t apply to:

  • tours created by cultural institutions and meant for school audiences;
  • tours created by teachers on behalf of cultural institutions;
  • tours published on the GuidiGO AR (Augmented Reality) platform.

This plan supports projects that encourage students to act as cultural mediators. It helps them get better acquainted with their local heritage, as well as the cultural institutions of their region, through original and motivating educational projects.

GuidiGO works with several academies and local authorities who put the platform at the disposal of their students.

You are a teacher and wish to know if a GuidiGO program exists in your region?

You are an academy or collective interested in partnering up with GuidiGO?

We would be delighted to discuss your plans with you. You can contact us here.

Curious to know more? Find out about the methodology of our educational project.

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