Publishing your tour in the GuidiGO web app

Updated 2 years ago by Corine Barbazanges

To make your tour available on the web via GuidiGO... you don't have to do anything! All the tours published in GuidiGO Studio are automatically available in our webapp. 

If your tour is free of charge, the web app users can launch it with one click – and without having to sign up. 

There are two ways to access your tour in the GuidiGO web app.

  1. GuidiGO website
    • Visit and head to your tour page (it will be visible only if you set its status to Public)
    • Click Start.
If you create a paid tour, users can only access the demo stop unless they buy the tour.

  1. GuidiGO Studio
  • Head to the 5. Publish tab.
  • Your tour URL will be generated as soon as you publish the tour in Public or Private mode.

Learn about the benefits and best uses of the GuidiGO web app here

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