Adding public points to your tour

Updated 1 year ago by Corine Barbazanges

In addition to the stops, you can also mark the position of the points of interest inside your museum: restrooms, elevators, museum store, restaurant or cafe, etc. so that visitors can be guided to those spots in Augmented Reality.

  1. Head to the 3. Map tab.
  2. Click the POIs button in the corner of the map.
  3. Select an icon, then click the position on the map where you wish to place the POI. 

    To see more POIs, click  + MORE  (it should turn orange), then click on the map. When a popup appears, select a POI from the drop-down menu.

  4. In the popup, enter a name, a description (optional) and upload an image.
  5. Click Done.

You can drag and drop the POIs to move them on the map.

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