Retrieving your tour installation files

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Package file

Your tour package (.gz file) is available in GuidiGO Studio at Step 5: Publish. Tap the icon next to the tour name to start the download.

Before downloading the package, make sure you published the most up-to-date version of your tour.

Route file(s)

The paths and obstacles drawn on the maps of your tour are saved in a .json file on your Tango device. Follow these steps to retrieve the file:

  1. Use a Tango device on which the app and the tour have already been installed. If you’ve never launched the tour before, do so now in order to generate the .json file.
  2. Launch  File Explorer.
  3. Open the guidigo_paths folder and tap the 3 vertical dots next to the .json file.

  4. Tap the Share button to send the file to yourself (e.g. by mail).
If your tour takes place on multiple floors, you must retrieve the .json file of each level.

App file

GuidiGO will send you your application as an .apk file. 

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