5 tips for an attractive cover

Updated 2 years ago by Corine Barbazanges

The cover of your tour is the first thing that the users of the application will see. It is what will persuade them to tap and find out more about the tour before they decide to download it. This is why we advise you to pay close attention to it.

Here are some tips to help you optimize your cover.

Tour name

  1. Mention your target audience
    If your tour is directed at a well-defined target audience, you should indicate it in the name itself. For example, you can emphasize the age range by adding: “(8–12 years)”.
  2. Do not mention the language of your tour
    Tours are filtered by language inside the GuidiGO application. Therefore, it is unnecessary to mention it in the name of your tour. 
  3. Do not overuse capital letters
    A name written in capital letters is not more distinct and could potentially put off some visitors. Also, if the name of your tour is quite long and you use capital letters, you risk it being cropped on certain screens.

Cover image

  1. Choose an image that is representative of your content
    If you guide visitors through a vintage cars exhibition, a photograph of a gleaming Triumph car will attract more attention than one showing the hangar where the event takes place.
  2. Do not put the tour name on the cover image
    The name of your tour is already displayed just below the cover image in the application. Make the most of your cover area to achieve the best results with your visual..

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