Empower art buyers to try your gallery pieces at home

Updated by Corine Barbazanges

FrameIT transforms your gallery visits (or art fair stand) into a home trial adventure with Augmented Reality. It enhances the shopping experience for potential buyers and boosts your sales by overcoming a common art-buying hurdle: "How will this piece look in my space?"

Here's how to tap into this feature:

  1. Sign up for free at www.frameit.ar
  2. Upload your art to FrameIt Studio. Learn more ▸
  3. Download your artworks' QR codes from the "AR Studio" section.
  4. Print and attach the QR codes to the tags next to your artworks.
  5. Encourage potential buyers to scan the QR code of the pieces they're drawn to and bring the gallery experience into their home. To track multiple pieces effortlessly, prompt them to compile a wishlist with a few simple clicks — it's free!

Pro Tip: Spread the word about your AR Gallery link to maximize at-home trials of your gallery's artworks.

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