Find and Share your AR Gallery

Updated by Corine Barbazanges

Once your FrameIT account is activated, your AR gallery automatically comes to life as soon as you start creating AR artworks in FrameIt AR Studio.

See an example of an AR Gallery ▸

Access your AR Gallery from the menu under your username. Here, you'll find all the artworks you've uploaded to FrameIT AR Studio.

AR Gallery in Menu

  • Click on an artwork to access its 3D view and see it in AR.

Note: The URL of your AR Gallery is also included in the confirmation email that is sent to you with each new AR artwork creation.

  • To share your AR Gallery, copy its URL from your browser's address bar, or click the 'Share this page ' button at the top of the screen.
Share gallery page

  • Click the Clipboard icon to copy the URL.
Copy Gallery Public Link

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