Creating a Jigsaw Puzzle

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Creating a jigsaw puzzle consists of dividing the pieces of a picture between the different challenges of your game. After collecting all the pieces and solving the puzzle, the player will be able to answer an additional question.

Here's how to do it:

  1. Split your image into rows of 4 square pieces. You can do this very easily on ImageSplitter.

Choose the number of rows based on the number of challenges you plan to create. A 2-row puzzle will consist of 8 pieces, so you will need to create at least 8 challenges.

  1. Add each piece as a challenge inventory item. Enter the puzzle piece number in the "Title" field. You will be able to check at a glance to make sure all the pieces are properly assigned and shuffled.

Numérotation des pièces de puzzle
Make sure to assign the pieces in no particular order; otherwise the puzzle will already be solved when the player opens the inventory.

  1. You can check to make sure your puzzle is complete and scrambled in the "Inventory" section of the Tour preview.

vérification du puzzle

  1. To encourage the player to solve the puzzle, consider adding another challenge at the end of the game, for example :

Défi en fin de puzzle

The question may involve a detail of the image that is only visible after solving the puzzle.

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