Creating a GuidiGO tour with your students: the methodology

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You have decided to create a tour on the GuidiGO platform with your students. After you sign up for a plan, it’s time to put your knowledge into practice!

The following methodology is designed to guide you through the steps of your educational project. We have developed it in the field, in direct contact with teachers and their students. It has been tested with dozens of classes, who have already implemented it successfully. 

I. The preparatory phase

  1. Introduce your students to existing tours in the GuidiGO application and how to use them on a tablet.
  2. Organize a class visit to the site of your tour (museum, city, etc.).

II. Frame development (whole-class work)

  1. Create a consistent tour by defining the number of stops and their location.
  2. If you are making a game type tour, we advise you to first define a scenario that will unfold throughout the stops. The students should think up the following elements:
    1. the initial situation, the main character (narrator);
    2. the disruptive element which sets off the story;
    3. the final situation, the conditions in which the problem will be resolved.
  3. Form groups of 3 or 4 students and assign a stop to each.

III. Creation of stops (group work)

  1. Each group should be in charge of creating content for their stop:
    1. composing texts;
    2. recording voice-over;
    3. creating graphic elements that will illustrate the stop and its challenges: drawings, sketches, photos;
    4. creating challenges (for a game type tour).
  2. Once their content is prepared, the group should submit their stop to GuidiGO Studio.

IV. Tests and finalization

  1. Publish the tour in Private mode (See also: Testing private tours in the app)
  2. Bring your class to the site so they can test their tour on a tablet, and in real conditions. This step is essential for your students to spot potential imperfections and make necessary corrections.
  3. Make corrections to the tour (group work).
  4. Publish the tour in Public mode. It could be of help to all the users of the application!

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