Analyzing how your tours are used in the web app

Updated by Corine Barbazanges

Google Analytics helps you track how people use your tours within the GuidiGO web app by giving you insights into their behavior.

All it takes is a short tracking code that you can find in your Google Analytics account (you will need admin permissions in Google Analytics to access this code).

Google Analytics tracks users' behavior only inside the GuidiGO web app, not inside the mobile app.

Connecting Google Analytics to GuidiGO

  1. In your Google Analytics account, head to Admin
  2. Select an account from the menu in the ACCOUNT column
  3. Select a property from the menu in the PROPERTY column
  4. Under PROPERTY, click Tracking Info > Tracking Code

  5. Copy the code under Tracking ID (it will look something like UA-xxxxxx-x)
  6. In your GuidiGO account, head to Preferences
  7. Paste the tracking ID into the box for Google Analytics
  8. Hit Save changes

You'll now see all your GuidiGO tours traffic alongside your web traffic in Google Analytics.

If you want to examine the traffic on its own, you should create a new view.
You have questions about Google Analytics? You will find all the answers here.

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